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May, if it doesn’t kill me first

My back is curved like a banana and, I too, feel nutrient rich. I am sitting on the edge of our coffee table / dining room table / tv stand / foot rest. Yes, we eat on it, sit on it, and put our feet on it. I'm listening to two siblings talk.

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What No One Tells You About DNA

I was in a packed Mauerpark in 2012, speaking rusty German full of sadness. My best friend of 8 years had moved out of our Toronto apartment while I was at work and the person I was dating…

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On Being Diagnosed with an Incurable Autoimmune Disease

I held back my panic, I suppressed it, and reached out civilly to them and their family. I planned to leave it at that – “I love you. I’m here for you.” But I wanted more.

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