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A Space Films is a Toronto-based production + script service company helmed by writer-director Andrea Wrobel.

We have a 5-year goal to produce web-based digital content that cultivates dynamic industry voices (read: womxn’s). With a focus on projects that highlight diverse perspectives on subjects like inclusivity, community + mental health, we are committed to being a springboard in the film + digital media industry for Ontario womxn*, girls, and underrepresented stories of identity, place + gender. 

*We employ an inclusive definition of womxn. This means we welcome transwomxn, non-binary peoples, cisgendered womxn & genderqueer womxn who identify as female in a way that is significant to them.

We proudly pledge to the Bechdel Bill.


SIDE STREETS short film (4 minutes)

When Agata's Saturday jaunt brings her into the city, she finds herself at a coffee shop sitting beside her older self.

Written, directed, and produced by Andrea Wrobel. Starring Talia Noon + Dana Snell. Videography + Editing by Gwen Brydson + Patrick Biller of Motion and Still. Sound by Brian Cauley. Editing by Brian featuring Music by Neil Elliott + Meen, as well as Podington Bear.

ORANGE BEACH short documentary (14 mins)

An experimental doc exploring storytelling through the time sensitive social media app Snapchat. Using the app, Andrea follows the journey of a 5-member family to Orange Beach, Alabama where they vacation every summer. White sand, spiked lemonade, and all the odds and ends and stresses of being in a confined space is seen through the eyes of 1-10 second Snapchat video clips that "disappear" after viewing.

in production

THE PEAKBAGGERS series one (6 one-hour episodes)

From Nova Scotia to the Yukon to the most northern points in Nunavut and Canada, The Peakbaggers hope to be the first all-Canadian team to summit the highest peak in each Canadian province and territory across the country. In this first series, Peakbaggers Brian and Andrea attempt 6 summits beginning with their home province of Ontario and the northern backcountry trails leading to Ishpatina Ridge.

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KAROLINA & THE BARREL short documentary (8 minutes)

Entirely serious about an event that’s not entirely serious, Karolina Tomaszewska decides to train for the annual Beau’s Oktoberfest Keg Toss Competition. Her personal goals at stake, Karolina explores the world of weightlifting, Oktoberfest tradition, and friendly competition, all in the (unexpected and pouring) rain alongside humour, belief, and – let’s be honest – a little bit of beer.

in development


TURONNO series one (6 five-minute episodes)

A comedic glimpse into lives of every day Torontonians, Turonno follows post-millenial Amanda who is trying to achieve her dreams while working three jobs in a sensitive city that loves to remind her that, some days, she just not doing enough.


script services

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Script Supervising
(non-union; examples of reports & references available)

Story Consulting

Story Editing

Writing Room + Production Assistance


Transcription (epk, interviews, as-produced scripts, etc.)


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"I am not a has-been.
I am a will be."

– Lauren Bacall

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*We employ an inclusive definition of 'womxn.' This means we welcome transwomxn, non-binary people, cisgendered womxn, and genderqueer womxn who identify as female in a way that's significant to them.

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